How to Properly Install Cabinet Hardware

Updating your cabinet hardware is an effective way to instantly refresh your kitchen’s appearance. Fortunately, this is a simple home improvement project that homeowners can do over the weekend. With the right choice in hardware, you can easily add class and elegance to your kitchen.

Handyman Connection® of Mountain View explains how you can achieve expert results:

Use a Guide

There are standard practices when installing knobs and pulls. We recommend lining up the knob with the top of the bottom door rail. Alternatively, you can also line up the top of the door rail with the bottom of the pull. Make sure you center the hardware on the door stile each time. If you’re unsure of the alignment, you can stick the hardware temporarily with a piece of reusable putty adhesive. This will allow you to try different spots. When you find the best one, mark the area with a pencil. You can also use a template.

Cover Old Holes With Back Plates 

When switching from a pull to a knob, you can use a back plate to cover the old hole. Choose from a wide selection of options online or in local hardware stores. If none of these match your needs, you can use putty as an alternative. Achieve the perfect custom color for your putty by buying three different shades to match your wood grain, a dark, a light and one in-between.

Install Hardware Higher in the Lowest Drawer 

If you have cabinets with larger drawers on the bottom, make sure the knobs on each drawer are evenly spaced and place the last knob slightly higher than the center.

Apply a Similar Finish

Use the same finish that you used on your cabinets for any final touch-ups before installing the hardware. If your cabinets didn’t come with their own finish, make one of your own by cleaning out a bottle of nail polish with nail polish remover. Afterward, you can fill the bottle with your chosen paint or finish.

Don’t have the time for this task? You can turn to Handyman Connection® of Mountain View. We have the proper training and equipment to perform a variety of home maintenance and repair tasks. Contact us today at (650) 437-8999 to learn more about our services. We’ll even give you a free estimate.

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