Appealing Bathroom Tile Ideas You Can Try

Tile is one of the most important elements determining your bathroom’s appearance. You need to choose your tile materials and designs carefully to achieve the best effect for your bathroom.

Appealing Bathroom Tile

Handyman Connection® of Mountain View is the leading remodeling expert in our area. We can help you choose the right tiles for your needs. Today, we will discuss a few bathroom design ideas you can try:

  • Use Tiles to Add Height and Appeal – You can emphasize your bathroom’s geometry and make the room look taller by installing your tiles vertically. We suggest using different shades of the same color because this can create a sense of visual texture and emphasize your bathroom’s size. You can also use tile to add emphasis to certain areas of your bathroom. For instance, you can use unique tile on an accent wall.
  • Add Interest to Your Neutral Bathroom  – You can also use tiles to balance out a plain and neutral bathroom. For instance, try using dark, hexagon tiles in many different shades if you have a bathroom with mostly light colors. Dark colors on a plain and light background automatically grab attention and can make a room look more dynamic.
  • Use Different Colors Together With Various Tile Shapes – Certain shape and color combinations can create a pleasing visual effect that makes your bathroom feel and look more spacious than it really is. For example, by using small marble mosaic tiles for the flooring and large marble tiles for the wall, you can create a sense of infinite space. You can complement this look by using light-colored, marble furnishings for the bathroom, as well.

This is just a small sample of the many design possibilities for your bathroom remodeling project. During our initial consultation, we can provide you with more detailed suggestions. Handyman Connection of Mountain View has many years of experience and we’re passionate about helping homeowners. We can help you with your remodeling, carpentry, plumbing and other home maintenance projects. Contact us to learn more about our services and products. You can also ask for a free estimate.

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