Themed Bedroom Ideas for Your Tiny Tots

Your kids’ bedrooms are their imaginary space, where they make pretend that they’re warriors from the past or adventurers from the future. So, it’s a good idea to turn their otherwise plain-looking bedroom into the setting for their fantasies. Handyman Connection of Mountain View lists some themed bedroom ideas to consider.

Themed Bedroom Idea

Deep-Sea Bedroom

Whether your child is a marine enthusiast or a mermaid from an undersea kingdom, they’ll love it if you turn their bedroom into a deep-sea setting for their adventures. Deep blue wall paint or wallpaper should dominate the setting, with accents of rich wood for that sunken treasure-ship feel. If you’re feeling artsy, try drawing an undersea mural on the wall to truly bring out this aesthetic.

Old-World Fantasy

The fantasies of the past still fill the minds of kids, whether they feel like a princess from a lost land or a chosen warrior on a long quest. The aesthetics depend on your child’s’ wants. If it’s a light-hearted fantasy setting, whimsical colors and decor should dominate. If they fancy themselves as knights of old, then you’ll want darker colors that stand out. As with the previous themed bedroom, a hand-painted mural works best for establishing the atmosphere of the room.

Studious Domiciles for the Little Einstein

Maybe your tiny tot is fast-becoming the next Einstein and you want to encourage him or her. Try the study-oriented bedroom. The centerpiece of this theme should be a large bookcase where they have easy access to their favorite books. Bright and neutral colors should dominate the room, however, to distinguish it from school. Finally, add some potted plants in strategic places to stir their enthusiasm for the natural world and help make the room less stuffy.

At Handyman Connection of Mountain View, we’ll help you transform your children’s’ bedroom to a themed room that suits their taste. Fill out our form or give us a call at (650) 437-8999 for more information on our products and services.

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