Choosing The Right Countertop Material

Picking the most attractive countertop material is already hard enough, and that’s before you consider durability, maintenance, and your lifestyle. Fortunately, if you understand your options, you can eventually narrow down the best choice for your kitchen. Handyman Connection of Mountain View discusses the features and benefits of the top three countertop materials on the market:



Granite is a great choice for homeowners who put a premium on beauty. This natural stone is among the most eco-friendly materials with excellent strength and durability. It also enhances the good looks of rustic kitchen cabinets. Additionally, granite is a smart choice for kitchens because they are highly resistant to scratches and heat damage. If you prefer investing in products that last a long time, then granite is for you.


Unlike granite, quartz doesn’t need to be sealed as it’s already non-porous, making it resistant to stains and bacteria. It’s fairly low-maintenance, requiring only a damp cloth and mild cleaner when dirty. It has a tough and durable surface that comes in a wide selection of colors, patterns, textures and finishes. If you’re willing to pay more for low-maintenance and durability, you can’t go wrong with quartz.


Countertops don’t always have to be expensive to be well-made, and laminate confirms this. It offers excellent durability and versatility at an affordable price. Laminate also has a poreless, solid surface that makes it extremely low maintenance and less likely to harbor harmful germs. This feature makes it perfect for moisture-prone areas like the kitchen and the bathroom.

If one–or none–of these suit your preferences, you can consult Handyman Connection of Mountain View. We can offer you suggestions along with quality home maintenance and remodeling services. Contact us today at (650) 695-1400 to get a free estimate.

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