How to Fix a Sagging Door

When a door sags or sticks, the usual solution is to plane the rubbing edge, allowing the door to swing freely. While this solution is relatively easy to do, it can be a major hassle. You’d have to remove the door and bring it to the garage, then refinish the planed edge. Before going to all that trouble, Handyman Connection of Mountain View suggests trying these three quick fixes first:


Tighten the Hinge Screws

Over the years, the screws in your doors can get loose, causing the door to sag. Remedy this by simply re-tightening the hinge screws with a screwdriver. A drill may seem like the easier option but you are more likely to overtighten the screws and chew up the screw heads since you can’t control the speed. If your screws are already stripped, replaced them with 3-inch versions. These can run through the jamb and into the framing. Have a hollow-core door? Reinforce the screw hole by dipping wood splinters in glue and filling the screw hole with them before driving in the original screw.

Adjust a Hinge

To clarify, door hinges aren’t actually adjustable, but by driving a screw through the jamb and wall framing, you can draw the hinge toward the framing and reposition the door. To determine where you’ll need the screw, close the door to see where it rubs against the jamb. Draw the upper hinge if it rubs near the top, and draw in the bottom hinge if it rubs near the lower side jamb. If it rubs along the side jamb, then draw in all the hinges. This technique allows you to move the door up to 1/8 inches.

Draw the Jamb In

If adjusting the hinge didn’t work, you can try adjusting the latch instead. Simply drive a long screw through the latch instead of the hinge side as this will draw in the jamb and gives your door extra space. Since this leaves you with a screw head hole, you can use a countersink bit. Drive a screw in the middle of the area where your door is rubbing, adding a second screw if necessary. Tighten them gradually and cover the screw heads with filler. Afterward, sand and paint the area to match your existing door.
If none of these work, then you can try planing the door yourself or hire a professional like Handyman Connection of Mountain View for repairs. As an experienced contractor, we are less likely to commit any rookie mistakes and we’ll be able to finish the job in no time. Contact us today at (650) 695-1400 to learn more about our different services.

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