Design Ideas to Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly

If you have a furry friend at home and plan to do some remodeling work soon, you should make sure that your new living spaces are pet-friendly. Handyman Connection of Mountain View discusses a few design ideas that can make your home friendlier to your pets.

Pet-Friendly Home

Choose a Sturdier Flooring

Your flooring is going to get scraped a lot by your pets – not to mention get piddled on. We suggest you get sturdier flooring that can withstand the traffic from you and your pets. We recommend flooring made from stronger materials, such as laminate, stone, and painted concrete. Apart from boasting a more durable surface, these flooring are also easier to clean.

Hardwood flooring is another option, especially if you prefer the wood-look on your living spaces. Unlike regular wooden floors, these boast more durability. Oak and mahogany are the best, and they’re visually attractive, too.

Cat and Dog Friendly Carpeting

Wall-to-wall carpeting is a great alternative to throw rugs and singular carpets, and is friendlier to your cats and dogs. Your pets can slip on a carpet or drag it around and cause a mess. With wall-to-wall carpeting, the surface of your living space is easier to grip for your furry friend. You also give them more napping options.

If you’re worried about carpet stains, we suggest going with neutral or darker colored carpets. Multicolor patterns are also a great choice; just make sure the design respects the appearance of your living space

Pick the Right Fabrics

Make sure to pick fabrics that are easier to clean. These include denim, canvas, and synthetic fabrics. Crypton super fabrics are a good choice since not only are they easier to clean, it resists moisture and odor.

We also suggest replacing the fabrics of your furniture, especially if your pets love lounging on your chairs and sofas so that they are easier to clean and maintain.

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