4 Tips to Organizing a Cluttered Closet

A disorganized closet is a symptom of a busy schedule. It happens to the best of us and you can’t really blame yourself when you’re in a hurry. So when you do get some extra free time to yourself, we suggest organizing your cluttered closet. But how do you properly do it without messing it up? Handyman Connection of Mountain View lists four tips to remember.

Cluttered Closet

  1. Eliminate Items You Don’t Need

Once you’re done emptying your closet, you’ll want to take a look at the articles of clothing that you’ve grown out or simply don’t wear anymore. There’s no use leaving it in your closet if you’re not going to wear it anymore. Set them aside and either sell them, give them away to relatives, or donate them to charity. They’re better off being worn by other people than contributing to clutter in your closet.

  1. Organize by Clothing Type

When you’re organizing your closet, we suggest you do so by setting specific categories for your clothing. Don’t lump your homewear with your outdoor clothing; designate proper areas for them. Store underwear in the drawers and store the clothes you wear at home in the shelves. For outerwear, it’s better they have their own closet where you can hang them for easier access.

  1. Store Your Shoes and Accessories Properly

If you’re storing your shoes and accessories in the closet, we suggest placing them in a separate storage container or basket. Not only does it maximize the space in your closet and reduce clutter, but storing them here prevents them from accumulating dust and passing it onto your clothes.

  1. Clean Your Closet

Finally, make it a point to clean your closet once in a month. A clean closet is a tidy closet, and you’ll have an easier time organizing it if it’s not full of clutter and unnecessary debris. Wipe the shelves clean with an abrasive cloth and get rid of tags and stickers laying around the closet space.

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