Bedroom Themes for Children

Coming up with ideas for your home can be a challenge, especially if you’re coming up with design themes for your children’s bedrooms. Check out some of our crew’s recommendations for some great bedroom themes for your child. These are some ideas that will hopefully help encourage your child’s imagination, without breaking the bank.

Sports Theme

If your child is all about sports, this is a great option to go with as it can be modified with age as your child gets older. When it comes time to paint the room, get creative with the theme. If you’re going with a football theme, paint the room as if your child is sleeping on a football field. If you’d like a basketball themed room, consider installing some faux wood wallpaper with white lines to make it feel like your child is sleeping courtside. There are an enormous amount of sports-themed wall decals that you can place around the room too. Have your child pick out their favorite player to create a sense that your child is part of the team!

Ocean Theme

Does your child’s exploratory mind find them wondering about the deep blue sea? If that’s the case, consider transforming their room into a tank of their own. Paint a deep blue color on the wall with softer blues painted to look like waves. There are also lots of oceanic-themed decals and decorations you can incorporate as well. Gather seashells the next time you head to the beach to help bring some of the real life ocean to your child’s room. You can also repurpose old wooden boards or old windows to make it appear like a shipwreck that your child can explore at the bottom of the ocean.

Space Theme

If outer space is on your child’s mind, transform their room into an astounding illusion of space. Try to avoid painting completely black, but rather, use a very deep purple. You can incorporate space style curtains that will tie the room together. You can also find great glow in the dark star stickers to place throughout the room and on the ceiling, and also unique night lights such as lava lamps.

Circus Theme

Last on our list, transform your child’s bedroom to bring them under the circus tent with a fun, circus-themed room. Paint the room one or two bright colors with stripes to create the illusion that they are actually inside the tent. Add some shelving to the room, and place your child’s favorite circus stuffed animals along them. You can even get creative and add ropes in the corners and attach additional stuffed animals to appear like they are performing tricks right next to your child’s bed!

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