There are many factors that could necessitate new windows your home or business. Inefficient windows can have a large impact on your energy costs. You may want a larger window or a newer model that is easier to open. Whatever the reason, using a skilled professional for window installation is vital if you want the job done right.

Our Window Services

  • Difficult-to-open and misaligned windows
  • Windows that won’t stay open or slam shut
  • Window balances
  • Weather stripping and outside air penetration
  • Caulking and flashing
  • Screen repair and replacement
  • Window locks
  • Broken glass
  • Foggy windows, broken air pocket seals
  • Hang curtains & blinds

Window installation is not a project for someone without experience. A little mistake could lead to a window that operates improperly. Hiring a Masonville window installation specialist to take care of this job can help you avoid these issues without having to spend a fortune.

Handyman Connection of London provides window installation and repair as well as other handyman services in Masonville. People all over the country have placed their trust in Handyman Connection of London for all of their repair needs. We look forward to continuing this proud tradition by repairing or installing your window. Call us for a free quote on window installation.

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If you need your windows replaced or just need parts repaired, call Handyman Connection of London. Our team is here to help with all window services.