What good is a sign if it’s hung incorrectly? Your customers rely on properly-maintained and easy to read displays. In the case that your company’s signage requires a bit of extra work, let Handyman Connection take care of it. Don’t let just anyone hang signs or banners on your business’s property. DIY banner and sign hanging can be an accident waiting to happen. If you need a safe, controlled and careful installation, look to the professionals at Handyman Connection of London. Whatever your sign requirements are, Handyman Connection can address them.

We also offer these convenient display services in London, ON:

  • Banner Repair — Rely on us to hang your banner at any height to promote your business or occasion.
  • Display Case Bulb Replacement — Light bulb replacement is vital for LED signs. Don’t leave your customers in the dark.
  • Sign Repair — Bring back to life older signs or fix damaged areas with our sign repair services.
  • Sign Maintenance — Clients aren’t likely to notice your storefront if signs and displays are dingy or poorly maintained. Routine maintenance can improve the appearance of signs and displays, making your business more appealing to clients.

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We think it’s important to be fair, competitive and clear in our quotes because the bottom line is important to companies. We provide a complimentary quote to every business requiring sign installation services in London, ON and provide complete support during the whole installation process. All commercial installations in London are completed by knowledgeable craftsmen who have undergone a complete background check and make sure to leave a spotless work site. If you hire Handyman Connection, you can also expect minimal interruption to your business. Customers can expect to be kept informed during every part of your sign installation and we manage all the craftsmen involved with your job so you don’t have to. Reach out to our office now to get your cost-free quote.


*Services may change and vary by Handyman Connection location.