The Best Places to Hang Mirrors at Home

It’s an undeniable fact that mirrors boost the appearance of any room. However, it’s equally important to know the best places to hang mirrors. Otherwise, you risk reducing the charm and design impact of these highly functional and aesthetic home accessories. In today’s post, your preferred home maintenance company, Handyman Connection® of Lincoln, shares the most ideal places to hang your mirrors.

Mirror, Mirror on the Bathroom Wall

When you think about mirrors, bathroom mirrors are usually the first things that come to mind. Fogging might be a common issue, but clouded mirrors after showering are totally normal and should not be a reason to be concerned. Hang your mirror about five to 10 inches above the sink or at least a few inches above the highest part of the faucet. Hanging a mirror over your bathtub also gives the illusion of a larger bathroom.

Make sure your bathroom mirrors are always clean and well-lit to maximize their design and functional purposes.

Floor-Length Mirrors in the Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom deserves nothing but the best of everything, including decor. Go for big and dramatic with a full-length mirror that spans the entire wall behind your bed. For something more subtle yet practical, hang a full-length mirror on the inside of a closet door so you can change outfits and check your appearance out without going back and forth.

Mirrors in the Hallway

Hanging mirrors along the walls of a dark and narrow hallway is a sure way to transform the corridor from gloomy to cheery. In addition to reflecting light, the mirrors will also make your hallway appear more spacious. The good news is you don’t have to go all out with the mirror frames. As a matter of fact, streamlined mirrors work better for narrow hallways since the simple design won’t make the space seem too crowded.

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