5 Timeless Bedroom Design Ideas

Your bedroom is that one place in your home where you can be true to yourself. Decorate it based on your personality, hobbies or other interests. To help style your bedroom, Handyman Connection® of Lincoln shares five timeless design ideas.

 1. Light and Bright

New windows can help reinvigorate your bedroom’s look. They can also help create an illusion of an airier room. With the right window style, you can also optimize the energy-saving benefits of your replacement windows.

2. Bed Against a Corner

This is a smart bed placement, especially for rooms with limited space. It can also make the room feel cozier. To add more drama, install two headboard systems, which you can decorate based on your preference.

3. Simple and Neat

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the furniture or decor that you can add to your bedroom. Keeping the room simple and neat is always the best move, especially if you want to create a timeless interior design. Minimal decoration can also make the room feel more spacious than it is.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors are also a good design element for bedrooms. Many homeowners, however, invest in full-length mirrors, typically attached to a free wall. These make the bedroom appear bigger, even with limited space.

5. Storage Under Bed

This is a good way to keep your bedroom organized. It also helps you save space from standing cabinets, which may sometimes look tacky. Be creative when choosing the storage configuration. Remember that it should be easy to access and have enough room to accommodate whatever you want to store in it.

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