4 Ways to Deodorize a Room

While keeping the air quality in your home high is pretty easy and straightforward, the same can’t be said for maintaining the room’s great smell. From old gym socks to smoke, foul air will stick on the furniture, bed covers and carpets and they’re not as easy to get rid either.

In this post, Handyman Connection® of Lincoln shares four ways to deodorize a room.

1.    Trace the Source

One of the more obvious ways to get rid of a foul-smelling odor in the room is to trace the source and get rid of it. More often than not, that awful smell is coming from something in the room that’s managed to stay there for a long time. It could be dirty laundry, unwashed covers or even leftover food.

At this point, you’re not necessarily getting rid of the odor that’s stuck on the room yet. However, it’s a big first step to deodorizing the room. 

2.    Baking Soda and Carpets

Carpet fibers are heavy and thick, and they generally retain odors better than others. This is further exacerbated by the fact that the carpets are usually heavy traffic areas, which further cause the odors to stick and stay. The easiest way to eliminate these long-lasting carpet odors is by showering it with baking soda. This will suck up the odors in a few hours, which you’ll then just have to vacuum up.

3.    Detox the Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is another area where odors tend to stick and stay due to the debris that often sticks and builds up in the grinder. To get rid of several weeks of food odors, you’ll want to feed your garbage disposal with oranges and some ice. The ground-up oranges will leave a refreshing scent in the disposal while the ice knocks off built-up debris that will get washed away as the ice melts.

4.    Weekly Sheet Washing

The bed sheets have a habit of absorbing odors, especially if they are made with heavier fabrics. From body oils to shed skin, there’s a lot you’ll want to clean from the sheets. That’s why we recommend washing the sheets every week. If you go too long without washing them, the smells can accumulate and have a negative impact on the air quality and comfort of your bedroom.

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