How to Brighten Up a Dark Room

One of the biggest and most common remodeling challenges you’ll ever face is making sure your room has ample lighting. A dimly lit room isn’t just unattractive, but the lack of light can also affect your mood by making you more cranky, stressed or tired than usual.

In this post, your remodeling experts at Handyman Connection of Lincoln discuss how to brighten up dark rooms in your home.

Install Larger Windows

The simplest way to brighten up your rooms is to install larger windows. You can do this by picking the most appropriate style for your room. As a general rule for larger windows, the more glass area the better. Good examples of windows that meet these requirements are picture, sliding and casement windows. 

Floor-to-ceiling picture windows are a great option if you want to maximize the amount of natural light entering your home, at a small cost to ventilation. This, however, can easily be circumvented by your other windows.

Install Recessed Lighting

More commonly known as “can lights”, recessed lighting fixtures add extra light into your room without altering your existing living space. These are small and less noticeable than other lighting fixtures, and as their name suggests, can easily fit in the recesses of the ceiling.

These are the best lighting fixtures for rooms with tall and sloped ceilings, as these tend to be darker than the ones with a flat ceiling. On top of adding some much-needed light, they can accentuate the mood of your room.

Apply White and Neutral Tones

Finally, you can make your room feel warmer and thus increase its ambient lighting by mixing white and natural tones. Rich-bodied colors like espresso brown and rust are the way to go and can easily increase the warmth of your room. While it’s not as direct as larger windows and recessed lighting, it’s a subtle way to illuminate an enclosed space.

Our experts at Handyman Connection of Lincoln can help you increase your room’s lighting. Call us at (402) 205-2575 or fill out our online form for more information on our services.

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