Removing Spray Paint From Metal the Safe and Easy Way

Spray paint is great for applying some color on almost anything, especially odd-shaped metal pieces. It comes in many colors and finishes, and spraying paint is easier than brushing it on. It’s a DIY-er’s dream! However, you may someday want to undo your makeover, or spray on a different color on a metal item. Here are a few quick steps to remove the old paint.

Place the object you want to strip on a clean rag. Put on plastic gloves, a respirator to protect you from inhaling paint and protective goggles. Here’s how you can remove spray paint from metal the safe and easy way.

Citristrip Stripping Gel

Use a paintbrush to spread a thick coat of Citristrip over the piece. Let the Citristrip do its work for about 30 minutes. Test a section after 15 minutes. When the paint has bubbled, you can scrape it off with ease. With gentle strokes, scrape off the bubbled paint with a plastic scraper. Wipe off the excess spray paint with a clean rag. Use a toothbrush to reach small areas. Repeat the whole process until there’s no more paint to remove. Let the Citristrip work longer in hard-to-reach crevices to make paint easier to wipe away. A toothbrush works great for these parts. Once you have removed all the paint, there will likely be a film left on the object. Wipe it off with a rag dampened with acetone.

Use Your Slow Cooker

Put all the metal items that you want to strip into your crock-pot. Cover with water and add two tablespoons of liquid laundry detergent. “Cook” on low overnight. Make sure there is enough water to last that long, without boiling over the pot. The paint should come off with ease. Brush off remaining paint with a toothbrush. The paint hardens fast once removed from the slow cooker. So, you may have to dip the hardware back into the water several times. Clean your slow cooker well before using it for food.

Boil in Baking Soda Mixture

Fill a pot that you no longer use for food halfway with water. Add enough baking soda to cover the bottom. Put your hardware in the pot, bring to a boil, and then simmer for 30 minutes. The paint should come off when you pull out the items from the water.

If you cannot strip the paint off your metal objects, it’s time to call in the professionals. Handyman Connection of Lincoln can help you with all your home improvement needs. For a free consultation and estimates, call (402) 205 2575.

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