Simple Upgrades for a Beautiful Fireplace

With its captivating flames and comforting warmth, a fireplace makes an excellent focal point. Just as your rooms need occasional upgrades to stay updated on trends, so do fireplaces. A makeover can be as simple as a new paint job or as dramatic as completely changing its style and function, depending on your needs and budget.

Beautiful Fireplace

Handyman Connection® of Lincoln shares three affordable projects with major impacts:

Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting your fireplace in bright shades is an excellent way to enhance its appearance. When choosing a color, get inspiration from the existing color palette of the room. You can choose to complement it by selecting a similar hue or create a striking contrast with a bold choice. Painting just around the fireplace with a lively color also has the same eye-catching effect.

Striking Art

Have a beautiful fireplace but want to further improve its appeal? Rather than alter its appearance, why not use it as a guide for the design of the rest of the room? For instance, an Indiana limestone mantel makes the perfect backdrop for a collection of Audubon prints. These two elements work together beautifully, creating an elegant appearance that’s perfect for living rooms. For a low-budget alternative, simply buy an art book and cut out your favorites.

Statement-Making Tiles

You can effortlessly transform your fireplace into the focal point of any room by surrounding it in colorful tiles with interesting patterns. Mexican tiles can add flair to neutral dining rooms. Just be sure to keep the mantel simple and free from other decorative items, to keep your fireplace from being too overwhelming. You can also create a classic American Country look by choosing red-white-and-blue patterned tiles.

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