How to Repair Wood Rot Like a Pro

Rot is inevitable, even for the most well-maintained houses. All it takes is wood, warmth, and water, and before you know it, your home’s solid lumber has turned to mush. The exterior trim is especially vulnerable to fungi attacks, as it’s one of the most exposed features of your home. Fortunately, a rotted trim is easy to repair. Handyman Connection of Lincoln explains how:

Wood Rot

Locate the Rotten Area

Using a screwdriver, scrutinize areas that don’t drain well, like the window sill, drip cap, or water table. Like cracked, peeling, or blistering paint, wood that seems darker than its surroundings is a sign of moisture infiltration. Also, pay extra attention to slow-drying joints, wood areas that are close to concrete, dirt, and masonry. If you can push the tip of the screwdriver easily into the board, then the area may be rotten.

Apply the Wood Hardener and Filler

Once you’ve located the problem area, remove the rotted wood using a 5-in-1 or any sharp tool. To ensure a successful repair be sure to remove all the rotten parts, then coat the area evenly with a wood hardener. Use a polyester wood filler to rebuild the rotted wood. This can be easily molded and shaped to match your existing wood profile, and unlike other fillers, it paints well and can resist rot. Mix the polyester filler and press it into the area with a putty knife.

Shape and Smoothen Out the Area

After you’ve repaired most of the damage, carve out the partially hardened sagging filler with a chisel and add a second layer of it if necessary. Most medium repairs require at least two or more layers of filler. Finish the repair by sanding, priming, then painting the filled area.

For larger rotten areas, it’s best to turn to a professional like Handyman Connection of Lincoln for help. We offer a wide range of general maintenance and repair services to keep your home in excellent condition for years. Contact us at (402) 875-9696 today for a free estimate.

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