Ensure your Pipes do not Freeze with these Tips

The most wonderful time of the winter is staying warm inside with your friends and family. During this time, you do not want to have to worry about pipes bursting and the possible flooding, structural damage or mold that can occur. With these precautions and tips, Handyman Connection believes you can ensure a warm winter season, stress free.
1- Take Precautions before going out of Town – Before you leave the house for an extended amount of time, make sure your thermostat is not any lower than 13 degrees. Another good idea is to drain the water system by turning on the faucets and flushing the toilets.
2- Insulate your Pipes – Exposed pipes are the easiest way to have them freeze. Stop this by insulating your pipes in both the attic and crawl space.
3- Disconnect Garden Hose – To ensure your pipes leading to outside don’t burst, unhook your hose as the water left in could freeze and then explode due to the pressure.
4- Maintain a Steady Household Temperature – If you turn down your thermostat at night to try and save some money, you are putting your pipes at risk. The night can plummet quickly and if your pipes are too cold, sometimes the heat the next day can’t get them warm enough to stop from freezing.
If you every need help with applying these tips or do have a pipe burst, call Handyman Connection right away! We can send a qualified plumber to help you solve these problems so you can continue with your day!

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