Christmas Lighting Tips

Use Caution when Hanging Exterior Lights

Before installing your lights, plug them in to make sure all bulbs are working. Make sure you use a good ladder and to secure them with insulted holders instead of tacks or nails. Don’t install your lights on trees that meet power lines and always turn off the lights when you leave or go to bed.

Correct Outlet Use

Handyman Connection wants your lights to shine, not spark! Your source of power should come from a GFCI outlet which will shut the circuit down if there is overcurrent. Call Handyman Connection today to have a qualified electrician permanently install one outdoors for you.

Extension Cord Safety

Make sure all extension cords are rated for outdoor use and they are not too long to ensure no tripping hazards. Keep connections above ground, snow and water and avoid high traffic areas.

Always use Waterproof Lights

Although there are a variety of lights to use, always use waterproof or water-resistant lights. Always make sure they are rated for outdoor use (like your extension cords) and never use indoor Christmas light outdoors.

Use C7 or C9 Bulbs

C7 or C9 cone shaped lights are the most traditional holiday lights that you can find anywhere. The difference in these lights are size and wattage so it depends on how big and bright you want them. Each comes in strands of 25 or 100 bulbs. Make sure you don’t connect the 100 bulb strands as if one bulb fails, it will affect the other bulbs.

Using Miniature Bulbs

Mini bulbs come in strands of 50 or 100 and all run in series so that if one bulb or socket fails, you lose a whole section. As this is a downside, mini lights do cost less and consume less power then the classic outdoor string. Although this is great, you get what you pay for, so Handyman Connection suggests getting a quality set of lights.

Landscape Net Lighting

Net lighting is the best option to light shrubs and bushes. Since they are interconnected LED lights, you can drape them right over your shrubs like a blanket instead of weaving the lights through branches.

Animated Lighting

Animated lighting is made from wire frames that outline different shapes or scenes which makes creating a reindeer or nativity scene so easy!

Shimmer Spheres

To create snowballs or stars on your lawn, use shimmer spheres. There are many different lights in different sizes to ensure your house twinkles all over the block!

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