Safety Tips to Ensure a Spooktacular Halloween!

No matter how excited you are for Halloween, ensuring yours and other children’s safety is most important for this fun filled holiday. To guarantee your night is full of all treats and no tricks, Handyman Connection offers you these safety tips!

Preparing for Visitors:

Restrain pets before hand to ensure nobody is nervous and to decrease animal accidents
Clear your lawn for the excited kids who run to your door to keep everyone safe
Check to make sure your house will be brightly lit and replace outside bulbs if needed

Costume Safety:

Bundle up for the cooler temperature evenings and wear layers
Try to avoid masks so your child doesn’t have limited vision or breathing
To avoid falling, make sure all costumes do not drag on the ground or have accessories that can catch
If your child is a vampire or black bat, use reflective tape to try and make them easier visible to motorists

Trick or Treating:

Only go to the houses that are well lit and only accept candy outdoors – never go into the house
Try and pick streets with sidewalks. If you must walk on the road, stay to the left and face traffic so that motorists are able to see you
If trick or treating alone, make sure you know the route that your children are on

If older then 12 and trick or treating alone, make sure your child goes with a group of kids and never alone. Try and have a parent accompany anyone younger then 12.

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