Handyman Connection can help solve your repairs during National Home Improvement Month!

May is National Home Improvement Month and what a perfect time to contact Handyman Connection for all of your home improvement needs and repairs. With prices under budget and completed to your timeline, we do have some suggestions of jobs that should be completed during this month in order to save you money in the long run.

Interior Jobs:

  • Installing weather stripping can help you save an average of $80 alone on air conditioning by reducing the amount of air leaks into your house.
  • Investigate your attic for leaks and this could potentially save you $5000.00 on drywall or roof repairs.
  • If you have any water stained walls, this could potentially be a larger problem that leads to mold or damaged drywall. If you fix these problems quick enough, it could save you thousands!
  • Replacing any leaky faucets will not only stop the annoyance of a slow drip but also save you over 750 gallons of water!

Exterior Jobs:

  • Getting rid of any winter debris by cleaning out your gutters can help avoid water damage to your house, potentially saving you up to $10,000.
  • Replacing any rotten boards or repairing your deck in general will not only help your house aesthetically, but also prevent any of your friends falling through and putting a stop to a fun summer party!
  • To help seal your home and provide better insulation, replace broken doors and window frames.
  • To refresh and protect your home, paint the exterior of your house. As a bonus, it could also help raise your home’s market value!

The items listed above are our suggestions of work to be done almost yearly, with the exception of painting. May is the perfect time to start on these repairs and improvements because the cold of winter is over but the hot heat hasn’t started just yet. Call Handyman Connection today to get your free evaluation.

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