How to Build a Pegboard Wall

Pegboard walls are available pre-fabricated and make for an easy DIY project to improve your workshop or garage. The cost of this quick remodel is already pretty affordable but it’s the value of having a nice and quick way to organize and store your tools that should be noted.

How to Build a Pegboard Wall

Our craftsmen at Handyman Connection of Jeffersonville show you how to install a pegboard wall in just a few simple steps.

Materials and Equipment

  • Screwdriver or screw gun

  • Table saw or jigsaw

  • Levels

  • Stud finder (optional)

  • 3/16 prefinished pegboard, square-footage dependent on your wall measurements

  • Screws and lathe screws

  • 3” wood screws

  • 2 x 1 furring strips (optional)

  • Pegboard accessories such as hooks, holders, and latches


  1. Pegboards require a small space behind them to allow for the mounting of accessories and pegs. If you have drywall installed, nail furring strips against the wall studs to give the pegboard ample clearance.

  2. Make all necessary measurements. Note the distance between wall studs and cut appropriately-sized horizontal support beams.

  3. Screw the top and bottom part of the horizontal blocking on the wall studs. This will help hold up the pegboard.

  4. Prepare the pegboard measurements and cut them accordingly. In some cases, it may be prudent to install the boards in sections to allow for irregular wall shapes. Note the positions of electrical outlets that may be covered by the board, and cut appropriate holes to allow access.

  5. Using the screw gun and the 3” wood screws, mount the pegboard on the horizontal blocking. You can use the lathe screw, along with the furring strip, to provide space behind the board for mounting accessories.

  6. Finally, install accessories like hooks for small equipment, various hold cases, and other useful organizational items. For heavier tools, you may need a stainless steel rail system to accommodate the load.

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