5 Tips for a Better Caulking Job

Caulking protects your home from water and air infiltration, both of which can lead to water damage, mold growth and higher energy bills. While it may seem easy to seal those cracks and gaps, there are some caulking tips that can make a big difference between a steady, hassle-free job and a sloppy mess. In today’s blog, Handyman Connection of Jeffersonville offers pointers for a better caulking job.

1. Gather the Necessary Tools for the Job

Don’t start caulking without the basic items ready. Aside from your caulking gun, you need a blunt knife to scrape off old caulk, disposable gloves to protect your hands, and rags for cleaning up the work surface after caulking.

2. Prepare the Work Area

Before you start caulking, clean the area where you will apply the caulk to achieve the results you want. Use everything at your disposal—aside from the utility knife, you can use an old toothbrush to remove long-standing dirt or compressed air to blow away dust.

3. Follow the Caulk Manufacturer’s Directions

Read the back of the caulk label before you perform the job. Most likely, it will specify the size of the gap the caulk would fill without the danger of sagging. Be sure to follow it. Otherwise, the caulk film may split or sag into the crack or gap.

4. Keep It Nice and Steady

When applying the caulk, start from one end of the gap or crack and work your way towards the other, pulling the gun towards you as you squeeze the caulk gun trigger gently. Achieving a clean bead of caulk means a combination of the right pressure on the trigger and the speed of your movement.

5. Use Your Finger

The pros use their index finger to smooth the fresh bead of caulk, and you should do the same. Use your disposable gloves for this so that you don’t have to wash your hands a lot. Be aware of any hazards like nails or stray wood that may cause splinters.

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