Designing a Stylish and Pet-Friendly Space

A lot of people share their houses with pets. As a result, many of them are remodeling their living spaces with their pets’ needs in mind. Decorating to include pets has turned into a full-blown trend. The key is choosing the right materials and accommodating your pets’ needs. Here are some tips for a chic and pet-friendly home.

Regular Vacuuming

Vacuum your cat’s hair off the furniture at least twice a week. You may even need to vacuum everyday when your pet is shedding. Pet hair is odorous and has oil that attracts dirt to fabric. Invest in a vacuum cleaner that can retrieve animal hair. You might be surprised at how much dirt and hair it will pick up from your floors and furniture.

Bathe and Groom Your Pet Often

Keeping your pet clean will help your house stay cleaner, longer. Their trimmed nails won’t scratch floors or upholstery. Regular brushing and bathing keeps loose hair away from your floor and furniture, which will last longer if they don’t need washing as often. It’s not only easier to clean your dog than your upholstery, but it’s also usually more fun.

Use Stain-Resistant Fabrics

Forget silk, chintz or velvet. They attract pet hair. Crypton is resistant to stains, smells, bacteria and muddy paws. Crypton includes sturdy suedes and twills named like Polka Dog and Material Dog. It’s available from many upholstery shops, furniture manufacturers and interior designers.

Handyman Connection® of Jeffersonville can help you renovate with your pets in mind. We will make you and your animals love your home all over again. With our help, you can turn your home improvement dreams into reality. Call us at (888) 766-3189 for a consultation. We look forward to helping you bring out the best in your home.

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