How to Stay Safe While Doing Home Repairs

Home repairs can be very fulfilling to do on your own, but they can also present their own dangers. These are the most common sources of home repair-related injury:


Ladders cause many injuries in home repair jobs, some severe enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. People often choose ladders of the wrong size for a job, or they don’t support or climb it with proper care. A fall from three feet up on a ladder can cause severe injuries or worse. Emphasize safety when using a ladder, even for small jobs. Put the ladder a foot away from the wall for every four feet up it rises. Invest in a ladder with leg extensions for more stability.


Electrical accidents can happen around the house. They can range from a small electric shock to a massive jolt. Thousands of people each year suffer injury due to electrocution. Most of them are not trained or experienced in electrical work. Working with electricity requires thorough planning and extreme care. If you do decide to do-it-yourself, consider the following important safety tips:

  • Always turn off the power to the circuit you are working on
  • Unplug any lamp or appliance before working on it
  • Make sure that the power is already turned off before touching any wire
  • Never touch plumbing or gas pipes when performing an electrical project

Sharp Tools

With sharp tools, the dangers are pretty obvious. You run the chance of cutting yourself with saws (manual and electric), power drills and knives. Make sure you know what power tool to use for the job, and observe utmost safety when using it.


Chemicals used for painting or cleaning can be dangerous. They can cause respiratory problems, burns and skin and eye injuries. Use chemicals only as directed and in well-ventilated areas. Wear a mask, safety goggles, gloves and sturdy footwear.

Leave Complicated Works to the Pros

There are home repair jobs that we can do ourselves and there are many that are best left to trained experts. Count on Handyman Connection of Jeffersonville to help you get the job done. Call us at (888) 766-3189 to schedule an appointment.

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