Inspiring Bookshelf Ideas to Try

Bookshelves can be so much more than mere storage spaces for your books and trinkets. Regardless of your style, you can turn an ordinary bookcase into an arresting and stylish display that contributes to the overall beauty and appeal of your room. If you’re unsure of where to start, Handyman Connection® of Jeffersonville suggests great design ideas to try:

Paint Them in the Same Shade as Your Wall

Achieve a harmonious look that’s pleasing to the eye by painting your bookshelf in the same color as your wall. This also creates continuity, making the room look and feel bigger. Take advantage of this design by strategically arranging the items you’ll be putting inside. You can choose to group them depending on their color family or scatter them for a striking contrast.

Use Them to Fill a Wall

If you have a large number of books and are running out of storage options for them, turn an unused wall into a stunning bookshelf that improves the visual impact of the room. For improved effect, consider installing glass cabinets that will showcase your impressive collection.

Create a Focal Point 

Rather than improving the look of the actual shelf, sometimes a little rearrangement is enough to create a powerful impression. For instance, set a book with a stunning cover on a plate stand in the midst of other titles arranged in rows, to create the illusion of a painting on an easel. This will break the monotonous collection of book spines and add some artistic flair to your shelves.

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