5 Tips to Help You Successfully Patch Drywall

Patching drywall is easier than it sounds, but there are cases where you have to do more than just apply some putty to prep it for painting. Handyman Connection® of Jeffersonville, the area’s trusted general contractor, shares five useful tips to remember when patching drywall:

  1. Use A Self-Priming Filler. Doing so for your patching-up project will eliminate the need to manually prime the patching material with a sealer. You don’t only avoid doing this extra step, but you can also prevent the newly patched area from showing through your finished paint.

  1. Use Spray on Stress Cracks. You don’t need to perform the same repair process on stress cracks in your home using a traditional joint compound. You can use a spray-on crack repair to cover it. A flexible membrane forms when you spray over the crack, helping extend the life of your repair. Apart from being easier to do, the membrane also stretches and relaxes as the building moves.

  1. Use A Setting Compound on Larger Holes. Patching compounds and repair sprays are only useful for small holes. For larger and deeper aberrations, we recommend using a setting compound to properly patch the area. The best type to use is a joint compound that sets up by a chemical reaction. Simply mix it with water, and the compound will harden by itself in a few minutes.

  1. Use a Strong Light. When patching drywall, it’s a good idea to bring a strong light source, such as a raking light, with you. The intensity of the light will help accentuate defects, making them easier to see. This way, you’ll have an easier time addressing patches that need priority filling.

  1. Use Skim-Coating for Multiple Dents and Dings. For areas with lots of dents and holes, we suggest skim-coating the area for maximum efficiency. A 6-inch putty knife is the best tool to use for this process. Simply mix a tablespoon of water with three cups of joint compound, apply it on the knife, and skim-coat the area. Scrape the excess coating off but leave just enough to fill in the dents and dings.

For better, more efficient results, turn to Handyman Connection of Jeffersonville. Contact us today at (888) 766-3189 to learn more about patching up drywall or to request a free estimate.

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