4 Great Crown Molding Designs to Try

Crown molding is a great architectural addition that can add significant beauty and value to your home. It can make your home feel more upscale. Unless you live in an older home already adorned by lovely crown molding, you may feel like your home is lacking certain features that give it distinction. Interested in adding these elegant moldings to your home? Handyman Connection of Jeffersonville shares four design ideas you can try:

4 Great Crown Molding Designs to Try

  1. Colonial Revival. If you prefer a crisp, clean look, this molding style is perfect for you. Its simple lines make it an excellent choice for both bedrooms and living rooms. If you’re in the middle of remodeling, you can enhance the classic appeal of Colonial Revival molding with monochromatic walls, bold accents, and ornate furniture.

  2. Federal. Federal style crown molding can make a low-ceilinged room look and feel voluminous. Heighten the effect with feminine, neutral accents and minimalistic furniture. Federal molding is English-inspired, characterized by simple and elegant beading and concave shapes.

  3. Classic Revival. Older homes usually have a smaller canvas for additional features like crown molding. To avoid a crowding problem, add Classic Revival molding to the tops of your kitchen cabinets only. This allows more natural lighting around the sink for the illusion of a bigger space. Classic Revival molding is known for its bold scale and flat-front boards, creating a sense of monumentality.

  4. Early American. This style is simple enough to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your interior design, and embellished enough to catch the eye. An Early American addition boosts the visual appeal of your walls and makes the room appear more open.

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