Steps to Repair Small Areas of Wood Rot On Your Door

You don’t need to worry about replacing your old door if it has small areas of wood rot. You can restore the wood by using polyester filler, molding this filler to match the original wood and then painting it. The filler won’t rot and it can bring new life to your door.

Repair Small Areas of Wood Rot On Your Door

Handyman Connection® of Citrus Heights explains what you need to do to fix small areas of wood rot:

  • Prepare Your Tools and Materials – You will save time by getting all of your tools and materials ready beforehand. You will need a utility knife, sanding block, wood chisel, putty knife, paint brush and rasp. You will also need 100 grit sandpaper, wood hardener (consolidant) and polyester filler for this project.

  • Apply Wood Hardener and Filler to the Damaged Area – First, remove the deteriorated wood from the door using a sharp tool. Next, coat this area with wood hardener to solidify and strengthen the wood fibers. Afterward, mix polyester wood filler, and then use the putty knife to press it into the gap. Pay attention to the time; depending on the temperature, you will have 10-15 minutes to work before the filler hardens.

  • Shape and Smooth – Since polyester tends to sag when performing vertical repairs, you will need to wait until the sagging polyester filler reaches the hardness of soap. At this point, you can then carve it off using a chisel. You can also shape the filler using a rap or a Surform plane. Remember that most medium to large repairs need at least two layers of filler. After shaping the filler, you need to sand, prime and paint the filled area.

While you are performing this project, why not take the opportunity to improve other parts of your home? Handyman Connection of Citrus Heights can help you with carpentry, flooring, decking, painting and general home maintenance. Our professional handymen are courteous and experienced. Plus, we provide a satisfaction guarantee to our customers. Contact us to learn more about repairing wood rot. You can also ask for a free estimate.

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