4 Reasons to Schedule an Inspection When Buying a Home

Inspecting your home once you buy it will ensure that your home is up to code (which usually means it’s safe and sound) and will reveal the big picture about your new property. When scheduling your home inspection, it’s also important to find a home maintenance company you can trust, such as Handyman Connection® of Citrus Heights. Learn more about the reasons not to skip a home inspection here:

Reasons to Schedule an Inspection

  1. The Inspection Is a Negotiating Tool – You can use the results of the home inspection to ask for repairs, ask for credit from the home seller or request a price reduction. Scheduling a home inspection will provide you with an accurate picture of the status of your new property, and it will help you find out how much it costs realistically.

  2. The Inspection Finds Out If Your Property Follows Code – A professional home inspection will find out whether your home or any of its additions follow code or were completed with a proper permit. Additions or renovations beyond regulations can adversely affect your home’s value, usability, taxes and insurance. That’s why it’s important to find this information out as soon as possible.

  3. The Inspection Can Keep You Safe – An inspection can also reveal if your home has any safety issues. This is why your home-buying contract needs to include a section stating that if any such hazards are detected. You will have the option to cancel the purchase. A professional inspection can reveal possible deal-breakers like this.

  4. The Inspection Will Reveal the Big Picture – Such an exercise will also furnish you with a high-level overview of your new property. It will reveal any flaws or areas of improvement that are not immediately visible. The inspection report will provide a useful roadmap you can use to plan future home improvement projects.

Once you finish your initial home inspection, it’s time to schedule regular home checks to keep your new home in excellent shape. Handyman Connection of Citrus Heights can assist you. We are the leading expert in home maintenance, remodeling, carpentry, and a variety of other home improvement projects. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of home inspections or ask for a free estimate.


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