Contemporary Shower Design Ideas

From sleek glass enclosures to stylish bathtubs, there are numerous ways to dramatically change your bathroom design to add a contemporary vibe to this functional space. Showers are great space saving features that improve your bathroom’s beauty and comfort. Handyman Connection of Citrus Heights shares some design ideas for a stylish and modern shower:

Shower Design

Focal Wall

One of the latest bathroom trends is the addition of a focal wall. Homeowners often spend a lot on beautiful fixtures and finishes for an interesting bathroom design. Creating a focal wall draws the eye to the intricate details in your shower space. For starters, you can try grain-matching stone, a detailed tile pattern, or a backlit printed glass as a backdrop for your shower.

Colorful Shower Walls

While white remains a classic go-to shade, there are times when an all-white bathroom feels lifeless. The shower is where you can refresh and invigorate yourself, so boost that effect by choosing bright, vibrant colors for its walls. There are a wide variety of tiles and finishes in rich colors that can transform your shower.

Mixing Tiles

Choosing bright colors doesn’t mean you have to stick to just one. Give your bath a custom look by mixing and matching different tiles and patterns. This immediately adds layer and texture to the room. Some foolproof combinations you can try are installing tiles vertically, adding a lone contrasting stripe of tile, and choosing a different color or pattern for your shower wall to highlight its features.

These are just some ideas that you can experiment with for your bathroom. Our expert team at Handyman Connection of Citrus Heights can offer more suggestions when you turn to us for a remodel. Aside from shower ideas, we can also provide you with material and lighting choices for a harmonious look. Contact us at (916) 547-5225 to learn more about our services. You can also request a free estimate.

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