4 Great Fireplace Upgrade Ideas

A fireplace makes an excellent focal point in any room. Its beauty, creates warmth, and lends an interesting appeal to any room. That’s why it’s important to decorate your fireplace properly to ensure that it complements the rest of the space and existing furnishings. Handyman Connection of Citrus Heights shares four excellent design ideas you can try:


  • polished look that elevates the appeal the room. The problem is, marble is on the expensive side of fireplace materials so not everyone can afford them. Fortunately, there is an inventive and low-budget alternative: marble-look adhesive paper. Simply cut these into equal squares and cover your existing tile. You also have the added benefit of easily replacing it in case you want a change in scenery.
  • Statement-Making Tile. You don’t need to spend much to create a stylish and eye-catching fireplace. All it takes are bold tile choices. Choose bright and cheerful colors that provide an interesting contrast for a striking addition to any room.
  • Pristine White Makeover. Try transforming your fireplace into a bright and beautiful piece by whitewashing the brick. Choose white paint with an eggshell finish and brush it on in small sections. Afterward, wipe it down with rags to remove most of it for a beautiful and light appearance. For the finishing touch, sand over the brick using a medium grit sanding sponge. This allows touches of the original color to show through, giving your fireplace a rich texture.
  • Mixed Materials. Can’t choose between two materials for your fireplace? Why not install both of them? You can create a harmonious and appealing fireplace by choosing two complementary materials that bring together all the design elements of the room. Highlight the fireplace further by keeping other elements like TV sets on other sides of the room.

You can take the DIY route when remodeling your fireplace or you can turn to an expert like Handyman Connection of Citrus Heights for help. Our training and equipment mean we won’t make any mistakes and we’ll be able to finish in a fast and efficient manner. Contact us today at (916) 547-5225  to request a free estimate.


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