If there is a carpentry project that needs to be done in Etobicoke, will you turn the job over to just anyone? No way! You want your home in the hands of a skilled carpenter, someone you know will do the job right. Good is one of the vital things required to make a whole work complete. Using wood not only makes a building look great, but it adds durable tenacity to the base. It’s often tempting to want to do carpentry projects on your own, but there is no substitution for experience. At Handyman Connection in Etobicoke, our carpenters take pride in the work they do. Here is a sample of the carpentry services that we provide:

  • Door Installation
  • Cabinet Repairs
  • Base Trim Installation
  • Storm Door Additions
  • Carpet Repair After a Carpentry Project
  • Reworking Existing Structures
  • Stair Installation
  • Bannister Creation
  • General Woodworking
  • Installing Floors
  • Applying Wall Coverings
  • Interior and Exterior Work
  • Beam Creation
  • Closet Installation
  • Framing Projects
  • Outbuildings, Sheds and Gazebos
  • Decks, Fences and Ramps
  • Countertops
  • Siding, Gutters and Exterior Trim

All of these projects are handled by skilled carpenters who have done these types of projects before. Our team knows the best way to combine your tastes with modern carpentry techniques.

If you need any of these jobs performed, or any other carpentry services, Handyman Connection is the only place that you need to call. We understand the importance of having a single company manage every level of your carpentry project. We help you prevent management issues by managing every level of your project. We will make sure to incorporate your feedback at every level of your project, culminating in your long-term satisfaction.

Free Carpentry Estimates

If you would like to experience our hassle-free and customer-friendly handyman services, please give us a call today at 416-240-8757.


*Services may change and vary by Handyman Connection location.