The feeling your business gives off to a customer can be impacted by a bad looking ceiling. Ceilings should be attractive and free of discoloration. Ceiling tiles are the perfect way to improve your company’s property, whether it is storeroom or high-end boutique. They are also an effective way to enhance the look of a space without a complete remodel. They do a great job of hiding existing stains or imperfections and are much less expensive than an entirely brand new ceiling. Whether your ceiling tile update is for looks or practicality, the pros at Handyman Connection can tackle it.

Ceiling Tile Installation

The experts at Handyman Connection can help you choose what the perfect ceiling tile variety is for your space as well as the best installation procedure. Make a room ideal for meetings or social functions with special acoustic ceiling tiles. Installation processes differ and can alter the look and function of a property as well. Handyman Connection can install ceiling tiles using these methods:

  • Surface Mount Ceiling Installation — Surface mounted ceiling tiles typically are applied directly and are great for getting the most out of the height of your building’s ceiling. Direct apply ceilings are also an efficient way to hide stains or surfaces that look unappealing. These tiles are mounted directly onto a joist or onto a surface like a popcorn ceiling.
  • Drop Ceilings — It is easy to perform maintenance on a property’s mechanical systems when you incorporate drop ceilings into the area. The open area above a drop ceiling allows for easy access and straightforward maintenance. Drop ceilings also only require around 3 inches of additional space, so they do not take up too much of your room’s headspace.

Call Handyman Connection of Etobicoke Soon

We understand it is important to be responsive, competitive and transparent with our estimates because overall project costs and completion schedules are important to business operators. In addition to high-quality tile installation, all companies in Etobicoke get complimentary quotes on ceiling tile mounting. Job sites are always neat and each ceiling tile mounting will be executed by a fully-vetted, professional craftsman. We know your company functions within a budget, so we ensure our quotes will be competitively priced and delivered quickly. Clients can expect to be kept informed during each step of your ceiling tile project and we manage the performance of all craftsmen contractors so you don’t have to. Your complimentary ceiling tile installation estimate is ready, reach out to us soon.


*Services may change and vary by Handyman Connection location.