Whether it’s vinyl or wood, the trim surrounding the exterior of your house experiences wear and tear over the years. Trim in bad shape does not only look unattractive, but it can allow water to get beneath the surface and cause more harm. While bad weather and other elements will surely cause damage, you can make repairs and replace trim so the outside of your house looks and works great. Contact Handyman Connection of Edmonton for trim repair and replacement.

How Do I Know if my Trim Needs Replacement?

The best way to inspect for trim problems is by taking a walk around your house. If you notice cracks, holes, broken, loose or decaying wood, you should call Handyman Connection of Edmonton. We’ll then figure out whether your trim can be fixed or needs to be totally replaced. If wood isn’t rotting, significantly misshapen or majorly damaged, a professional can make a few fast fixes to restore trim to good condition. In addition to outdoor trim, we can also replace interior window trims.

Exterior Trim Options

  • Wood: Wood is the most common substance for external trim. It’s available in either solid boards or finger-jointed pieces. Finger-jointed wood trim is simply shorter wood pieces that fasten together. Wood trim is easy to install and takes paint well.
  • Plastic: Plastic trim comes in two forms, polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Polyutherane is slightly more expensive, but more dense and easy to paint.
  • Fiber-cement: This is a combination of cement, sand and wood-fiber support. It’s tough, fire, water and bug-resistant. Additionally, fiber-cement trim is typically moisture resistant, which means paint will last for a long time.
  • Laminated veneer lumber: Wood veneer layers come in a parallel grain and two veneer cross bands are sheltered by a medium thickness coating to make this material.
  • Hardboard: This trim is formed from hardwood chips that are heated with steam and water and then pressed into board stock. During this process, lignin that is part of wood will become present again and work as adhesive to keep the board from separating. Lignin makes the hardboard more immune to decomposition than wood.

Contact Us Today

Does your home need interior or exterior trim for doors or windows replaced? Contact Handyman Connection of Edmonton for a complimentary quote. New trim not only creates an attractive exterior for a home, it also creates waterproofing at corners and surrounding doors and windows. There are so many options for trim replacement and there is no time like the present to replace your aged, decaying trim. Call us today to learn which option works best for your home’s next trim replacement project. Call Handyman Connection of Edmonton today.