Pro Tips: How to Caulk

If you’re unfamiliar with caulking, you’ve come to the right place. Many new and old homeowners find themselves becoming familiar with how to caulk at some point. Caulk is a waterproof filler that is found in bathrooms, showers, kitchens and other areas that have the potential to get wet or that contain more moisture than other areas of the home. You’ll also find caulk around windows, doors, and other exterior entrances to help keep hot air and small bugs out of your home. If you want to learn how to caulk like a pro, check out these tips and steps that the experts here at Handyman Connection of Edmonds has put together for you.

Step 1 – Choosing the right caulk

Choosing the right caulk is important for the job you want to complete. Because you probably don’t want to spend all of your weekends caulking, choose a long-lasting, permanent, flexible caulk made of 100% silicone. This will help make the work you do last as long as possible, and will also remain durable and strong as the days go by. You’ll likely want to stay away from acrylic caulk as it can be easier to damage and crack over time.

Step 2 – Gather materials

Be sure to gather all of your materials and tools before you sit down to start your project. You’d hate to get halfway through and have to run to the store and start over again. In most cases, you’ll need a utility knife, caulk, wire brush, painter’s tape, old rags, and caulk remover solution to get rid of old caulk and to help with cleanup.

Step 3 – Start the process

Be sure to clean up the area you’re going to be caulking really well, and that any old caulk is completely removed. You can do that with the remover solution and by using the wire brush and some elbow grease. Wipe the area down, and prep the area with painter’s tape to help guide your lines, keep straight edges, and to help keep the area as clean as you can while you work.  

Snip the nozzle of the caulk tube with some scissors, and be as precise as you can with the size of the cut as this will determine the thickness of how the caulk comes out. Squeeze the tube into the cracks that you desire with a fluid motion. The caulk will dry fairly quickly, within 5 or so minutes. That’s why our crew here in Edmonds stresses to work as carefully as possible. However, accidents happen which is why we have the caulk remover solution to help get rid of any excess or unwanted caulk that is left behind.

Caulking doesn’t have to be as hard or as daunting of a challenge as it may seem. Don’t forget that our experts are always here to help you with any and all of your home maintenance projects. Give us a call at Handyman Connection of Edmonds anytime if you have additional questions about caulk or if you’d like to schedule your next project.

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