Have you been thinking about remodeling one of the bathrooms inside your home? Maybe your toilet, sink, or shower isn’t performing the way it should, or the decor should have been left behind in 1977. Whatever the situation may be, call Handyman Connection in Ajax to have your bathroom remodeled. Our licensed, trained bathroom remodeling contractors are ready to take on any project you have.

Our bathroom remodeling service is broad enough to include all of the aspects of a beautiful and functional bathroom. This includes:

  • Bathtubs
  • Countertops
  • Tile & Flooring
  • Bathroom Fans
  • Sinks & Faucets
  • Lighting & Vanities
  • Supply Lines & Shut-Off Valves

With this range of services, Handyman Connection in Ajax is able to remodel your whole bathroom or a few specific areas.

Why Handyman Connection?

Handyman Connection in Ajax, ON really stands out from all the other bathroom remodeling companies. We give our clients a full-service project management experience that other organizations cannot keep up with. After hearing your goals and preferences for the project, we start with a complete overview of our strategy to complete your project. We then coordinate with all third-party suppliers and contractors. This gives us the staffing power to provide so many experts on bathroom remodeling. Our bathroom remodelers will ensure that you are aware of what is going on with your project and complete every detail to your exact specifications.

All of our remodeling contractors must pass rigorous background checks and training programs. They take a great amount of pride in what they do and are committed to excellence with your entire bathroom remodeling project.

Get a Free Estimate Today!

To explain more about our services and go over what we can do for you, we provide free bathroom remodeling estimates in Ajax. Call us at 905-686-7236 to schedule your appointment today!


*Services may change and vary by Handyman Connection location.