Tips to Help You Choose the Best Exterior Door Hardware

Door hardware can dramatically improve your home’s security. A clear understanding of the differences between various types of door hardware can help you make the right choice. Handyman Connection® of Chicago Central explains what you need to know:

Features of Exterior Locksets

Compared with interior locksets, exterior door locksets are heavier. more durable and more secure. They can usually be locked from both the inside and the outside. Depending on the kind of lockset, you can lock your door with a button, a throw latch or a key. Deadbolts for exterior locksets should have a minimum 1-inch “throw”. It should extend a minimum of 1 inch beyond the edge of the door. It should also be made of case-hardened steel for security.

What to Consider When Choosing Locksets

First, your lockset needs to fit the door’s thickness and also the “back set” dimension. This refers to the measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the hole that’s bored for the knob. Next, consider the “handing” of the door. Doors with knobs on the right are right-hand doors, and doors with the knob on the left are left-hand doors. Finally, think about the type of lockset you’ll use for the door.

Mortise vs. Cylindrical Locksets

Cylindrical locksets have a round body that fits into a large hole bored into the face of the door. The lockset intersects with the latch bolt, which fits in a smaller hole drilled into the edge of the door. This lockset doesn’t include a security deadbolt. Meanwhile, mortise lockset is rectangular and has a large body that fits into a rectangular pocket. This is known as a mortise, and it is cut into the door’s edge. In a mortise set, the knob is usually interconnected with the deadbolt. When you unlock the deadbolt, you free the latch.

These are just a few of the things to think about when choosing your door hardware. If you need more detailed information, Handyman Connection of Chicago Central can provide professional assistance. We have many years of experience installing new door hardware for homes and in other general maintenance tasks. Call us at (773) 530-1119, or contact us here to learn more about our services and products or to ask for a free estimate.

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