Easy-To-Follow Steps to Organize Your Cluttered Closet

Organizing your closet doesn’t have to be difficult. Preparing for this chore and knowing what to expect can make the process simple and stress-free. Read on as Handyman Connection® of Chicago Central discusses how to organize your closet in five easy steps:

Set Aside Some Space

You need space to put the clothing that you remove from the closet. You can use a bed or some other cleared out area in the room. This might not seem like a crucial step, however, you will have a much easier time organizing your closet if you have a designated place to put everything you remove from the closet.

Create Clothing Categories

Categorizing your clothing keeps everything simple and easy to track. For instance, you’ll want to separate clothes you wear outdoors from your indoor clothes. You’ll also want to allocate a separate space for your underwear and formal wear, too. You will know exactly where all of your clothes are so it will be easier for you to find them the next time you use the closet.

Remove Items That Shouldn’t Be in the Closet

Closets end up accumulating all sorts of miscellaneous things. Remove all of these items, and return them to their proper place. If they are supposed to be part of your closet, then get a small container for those items so that they don’t mess up your clothes organization scheme.

Get Rid of Old Clothing

Clothes that you don’t wear anymore need to go. Not only do they consume the already limited space of your closet, but they make it messier, too. In addition, get rid of shirts, pants and anything that’s several sizes too small or too big to free up space.

Clean the Closet

Finally, set a reminder to clean your closet each month. It might surprise you how dirty a closet can become with all the hidden clothing tags and strips of cloth lying around on the shelves. When you first organize your closet, also clean it.

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