Kitchen Faucets: Different Styles and Which One Is Best

Kitchen faucets come in a selection of different styles to choose from, and contrary to what you might believe, their key differences aren’t all cosmetic. Faucets range from the contemporary to the traditional styles, and each one performs distinctly from one another.

In this post, our team from Handyman Connection® of Chicago Central share the most common styles of kitchen faucets, how they work and if they’re the right style for your home.

Pull-Out Faucets

The quintessential kitchen faucet has just one handle to adjust the water flow and temperature. This is the perfect style if you need your other hand free to do your usual kitchen duties. They’re also space-efficient and don’t take up that much space. The pull-out faucet usually comes with an integrated spray head that you pull out, hence its name.

Pull-Down Faucets

This is the exact opposite of the pull-out faucet, and it droops downwards to ensure a fluid movement when you turn it on. It’s the best choice for deeper sinks, which is why it’s the go-to faucet style for kitchens in restaurants.

The separate spray faucet is a variant of the pull-down faucet that, as the name suggests, has a spray that’s separate from the lever and knob. We recommend this if the integrated faucets clash with the design in your home.

Two Handle Faucet

This is actually the classic faucet design with two handles for hot and cold water. Many consider it a dated design, but it’s a great fit for kitchens where you want to keep that timeless look and traditional appeal.

Touchless Faucets

Motion detection faucets are the newest style of faucets and are a common sight in hotels and malls. Simply hover your hand near the faucet, and it will turn on. It’s the smart faucet style, and while it’s pricier, it’s a great investment if you want automated operation in your kitchen space.

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