Senior-Friendly Changes You Can Make in Your Home

As people age, living in a home can be a lot more problematic than it used to be. If you have any seniors living in your home, you should make a few changes to your home to make things easier for them. Our renovation experts share a few ideas that can make your home a more elderly-friendly place.

Minimize Barriers

Senior members of your family might have trouble moving around the house, and the presence of barriers in key areas of the home may just make things worse. This is true even if the elderly person is still capable of walking on their own because having to operate too many doors in the home can be quite a hassle. A good example of this type of change is replacing that door with a set of curtains.

Ramps for Wheels

Making areas of the home more accessible for wheelchair-bound seniors takes a little more investment. Adding ramps for elevated entryways helps a lot whether the senior is capable of operating their own wheelchair or whether they are assisted by someone else because there’s no need to physically lift the wheelchair. Our team can install ramps at just the right incline to avoid making dangerously steep inclines.

Ergonomic Handles

Seniors with wrist or joint problems may have trouble operating smaller door knobs, window handles or faucets in your home. By upgrading to longer handles, these features will require less effort to operate, causing less strain and pain. We recommend prioritizing the most frequently used areas of your home, such as bedroom doors and bathroom faucets.

Get Some Grab Bars

Grab bars are one of the most important features that should always be in a senior-friendly bathroom. Grab bars located next to toilets or bathtubs provide leverage when a senior is sitting down or getting up. More importantly, they provide something that elders can hold on to in case they accidentally lose their balance.

If you’re still looking for more senior-friendly home improvement ideas for your home, we’ll be more than happy to help you out. Handyman Connection® of Chicago Central is the most trusted source of home renovation solutions. Call us at (773) 530-1119, or fill out our online contact form to get an estimate.

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