4 Crown Molding Designs for a Beautiful Interior

Details can make a huge difference in the overall look and appeal of your room. One way you can boost the appeal of a room is to invest in the right crown molding, which goes a long way in helping you achieve old-house charm for your home. Today, Handyman Connection® of Chicago Central shares four great crown molding ideas:

1. Broader Interior – You can use crown molding to make your room look and feel larger. For example, the crown molding’s cyma recta curve can act as a great accent for bold-colored rooms. The cyma recta curve is present in molding that is convex at the inner edge and concave at the outer edge.

2. Traditional Appeal – Older homes have less space for generous crown molding, so you need to correctly use the available space. For instance, you can use Classical Revival top trim on your kitchen cabinets to leave more room for natural light around your windows. The Classical Revival style is noted for its monumentality, and it can provide a significant contribution to your kitchen’s appearance.

3. Increased Volume – The elegant and simple beading of Federal-style crown molding can add volume to a low-ceilinged room. For maximum effect, you can use feminine and neutral accents to make the room feel cozier. Federal-style crown molding features simple beads and concave shapes popular after the American Revolution

4. Clean Simplicity – We recommend using Colonial Revival Crown if you want a clean look for a room. This style features a mix of Greek Revival and Federal profiles for a design that looks both bold and light. It can also feature the double curved cyma and the S shape of an ogee.

This is just a small selection of the countless crown molding design ideas you can use for your home. If you are still having difficulty in choosing a design for your interior, turn to Handyman Connection of Chicago Central. Contact us at (773) 530-1119 for more crown molding ideas. You can also request a free estimate.

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