4 Excellent Bookshelf Designs to Try

Bookshelves don’t just organize your extensive library; they can also serve as a beautiful design element for your interior. You just need to be creative when it comes to styling your bookshelves by integrating them into your overall theme. Handyman Connection® of Chicago Central shares a few bookshelf design ideas to help you get started:

Use Bookshelves to Display a Collection

It’s fine to feel proud of your large book collection, but too many books in one place can be a bit boring. Space out your books by placing themed items between them like vases or sculptures. This will make your bookshelves look more interesting and less monotonous.

Match Your Bookshelves With the Trim

A bold window trim can really highlight a view, but it can look out of place without supporting elements. Take this opportunity to paint your bookshelves the same color as your window trim. A bold color will frame your book collection and grab attention without looking out of place.

Sort Books by Color

If you have a lot of books from many different sources, you can group them together by color shade. This is a fun way to turn your bookshelf into a design statement. It’s also great for organizing things.

Pull the Bookshelf Away From the Wall

This simple tip will make your bookshelf stand out and become the focal point of the room. As a bonus, it can make it easier for you to access your books. There are plenty of ways to make a freestanding bookshelf look appealing, such as ornamentation, graphic design or simply a bright coat of paint.

If you need more help making your bookshelves look great, give Handyman Connection of Chicago Central a call. We have extensive experience in home remodeling and design. Contact us at (773) 530-1119 to learn more. You can also request a free estimate.

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