How to Find a Wall Stud Without Using a Stud Finder

Plaster and drywall are often too flimsy to support any extra weight, which means hanging a rack or picture is often out of the question – unless you hang it on the wall stud. This is far from simple, though, as you may not easily find the wall stud behind the wall, and you’ll often have to use a stud finder.

You can, however, employ a few tricks to find it without resorting to a stud finder. In this post, Handyman Connection® of Chicago Central shows you how.

Signs of a Wall Stud

You’ll first want to find the wall stud’s “trail” on the wall. You can do this by shining a flashlight at a steep angle against the wall. You’ll eventually find a section of the wall with strange bumps or small dimples. These irregularities are caused by the nails securing the surface of the drywall or plaster to the studs. Once you spot this row of bumps, chances are there’s a stud underneath or close to them.

Check the Baseboard

You can also check the baseboard of the wall since this is nailed directly into the studs. Additionally, electrical outlets are usually attached to the sturdier parts of the wall, which is where the stud usually is. As a reminder, the area where you want to hang your new wall additions should always be close to the baseboard.

How to Spot the Next Stud

Once you’ve found your first wall stud, spotting the next one is rather simple. The neighboring wall stud is approximately 16 or 24 inches away from the first one. Just check for those tell-tale bumps and dimples again to spot the next one.

Nail Check

Finally, you can also drive a small nail into the wall to check for studs. If the nail doesn’t hit the wood under the surface, insert a wire hanger. When you twist it, you’ll most likely hit the stud, which is usually just a few inches off from where you first drove the small nail.

Our experienced crew at Handyman Connection of Chicago Central will help you find these elusive wall studs. We are also more than happy to help you with your upcoming remodeling projects. Fill out our form, or call us at (312) 265-3886 to learn more.

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