Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Visual Space

The size of your home doesn’t just affect its overall value; it also affects its comfort levels. While it’s often impossible to increase your home’s square footage without actually adding new space, you can achieve the same effect on your perception by increasing its visual space.

In this post, Handyman Connection® of Chicago Central discusses how to virtually increase your home’s square footage.

Install Larger Windows

Installing larger windows lets more natural light in, which has the welcome effect of widening your visual field. It’s why we recommend installing larger windows in small rooms as it makes the space appear less stuffy and compact than it really is.

While heavy closed draperies are a nice aesthetic touch to large windows, they tend to add unnecessary volume to the room, which causes it to feel cramped. We recommend installing vertical blinds or shutters instead. They are more effective at regulating light and don’t take up visual space, unlike curtains.

Pick Larger Floor Tiles

Installing larger floor tiles, larger than the standard 12-inch size, helps increase the visual space of your square footage while still fitting within your actual physical space. Just like with your windows, this is a visual trick, but it’s enough to make your rooms appear wider and more spacious than they really are.

Install a Large Mirror

Installing a large mirror in a cramped space allows you play with light, lending a new meaning to the term “smoke and mirrors”. Just like magic, you’ll see your visual space grow when you install a large mirror in a strategic place in your room.

Clean the Clutter

Finally, clean the clutter around your home. Place your knickknacks on a shelf, or store them properly. Keeping your home debris-free is a sure way to widen your field of view.

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