Make Home Upkeep Easier With a Maintenance Calendar

It’s important to set up an annual home maintenance calendar because it can make keeping your home in great shape much easier. A home maintenance calendar removes the stress and confusion from upkeep by making all of your tasks clearer, and it also includes reminders to help you stay on track.

Make Home Upkeep Easier With a Maintenance Calendar

Handyman Connection of Chicago Central explains how to set up the calendar here:

Figure Out Your Tasks – Determine the maintenance tasks your home needs to stay in good condition by researching and asking for information from your homeowners association or from professionals like us. Some example tasks can include flushing your water heater, scheduling a gutter or roof inspection, cleaning your garbage disposal or regularizing an HVAC inspection. Make sure to write down everything you need to do.

Arrange Tasks by Frequency – After figuring out your tasks, organize your list according to how frequently you need to perform them. For example, certain professional inspections are annual while cleaning parts of your home like your gutters needs to happen every six months. Meanwhile, get your trim and baseboard cleaned every three months, and your air filters every month. Make sure to group tasks that need to happen on a similar time frame together.

Make Your Maintenance Calendar – Create your maintenance calendar by imagining what a typical year for you is like. Take your regular holidays into account and the times when you know there will be lots of distractions from home maintenance. Once you’ve determined your yearly schedule, arrange the reminders for home maintenance tasks according to how frequently they need to be done. Make sure to include the materials you need for each task together with each reminder. Lastly, set the reminders, and follow them throughout the year.

Handyman Connection of Chicago Central is the top choice for home maintenance projects in our local area because of our strong focus on customer service. We back all of our work with a satisfaction guarantee, and we work with our customers to make sure their home maintenance project is hassle-free. Contact us to learn more about how to set up an annual home maintenance calendar. You can also ask for a free estimate.

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