How to Properly Install Cabinet Hardware

Installing your new cabinet hardware requires accuracy. After all, the last thing you want is a knob or a handle that looks out of place because it’s not properly installed. With this post, Handyman Connection® of Chicago Central discusses how you can properly install your new cabinet hardware.

Install Cabinet Hardware

Let the Railing Guide You

As there’s no set or standard location where the knobs and pulls will be placed, it’s important to have a guide so you know where to properly attach them. When you’re installing a knob, make sure that it lines up with the top of the bottom door rail. Pulls should line up with the top of the door rail. Also, keep in mind that they should always be centered on the door stile.

Trial and Error

If you’re still not sure where to attach your new cabinet hardware, try attaching it temporarily. Use a reusable putty adhesive, and place it at the bottom of the hardware. When you’re doing trial and error, use a pencil to mark the positions you think will look okay.

Use Templates for Multiple Hardware Pieces

If you’re installing a set of knobs or pulls, then it’s easier to install them if you use a template. Using a template also makes the job go considerably faster, ensures uniformity with the home hardware and reduces the chances of hardware ending up in the wrong position.

Superglue the Knobs

Oblong and rectangular shaped knobs have a tendency to twist over time and will result in either sticking or actually falling out of place. While thread sealant will keep the screw from coming loose, it doesn’t actually stop the knob from twisting on itself. To prevent this from happening, simply apply super glue to the back of the knobs before installing them.

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