Home Organization Tips for Clean Rooms All Year Round

Getting your house organized and decluttered can go a long way towards maximizing efficiency. That said, there is no one way to do so. The trick lies in finding a way that works best for your home. Handyman Connection® of Chicago Central suggests some tips to help you start. From the kitchen to the bedroom, you’re sure to find a solution for your organizing woes. Here are some easy to implement ideas:

Clean Rooms


Declutter Your Kitchen

Keeping the kitchen organized can be a challenge since it’s one of the most frequented areas at home with a myriad of different items in it. Don’t get fazed by this, however, and start small. Focus first on the essentials like the drawers. Dump their contents on your counter, and sort through each one carefully. It helps to set them aside in groups, such as cooking utensils, plates, and cutlery. Get rid of any broken or unused gadgets that are taking up precious storage space. When done, wipe out the inside of your drawer and flatware holder, and return the utensils. Keep them organized by using drawer separators and keeping tiny sundries in small plastic containers.

Organize Your Bathroom

Another high-foot traffic area at home is the bathroom. Albeit a much less busy and cluttered area, a messy bathroom can annoy anyone who uses it. Take time to organize your toiletries first. Keep everyday essentials like soap, shampoo, and conditioners within easy access, but free the shelf from your cosmetics. Instead, store them in a makeup bag, and hang it from a hook. This way, you’ll have all of them easily on hand, and be able to move them all at once in case you need to. You also need to update your medicine cabinet by removing any expired prescriptions and medications from it. After all, you don’t want someone to accidentally drink them. While you’re at it, wipe down all interior surfaces to ensure a sanitary environment for your medicine.

Bring Peace to the Bedroom

The bedroom is where you can completely relax after a long day at work, but the sight of scattered footwear and a dirty closet only adds to your stress. Avoid storing unnecessary items in your closet by donating items of clothing that you haven’t worn in more than a year. You can also keep the closet organized by putting the shoes you usually wear in hanging storage on your closet door and keep the rest in boxes under the bed. For more innovative home improvement and maintenance solutions, turn to Handyman Connection of Chicago Central. Contact us at (312) 265-3886 to learn more about our different services. You can also request a free estimate.

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