How to Bring Back Your Deck’s Former Glory

Has your deck seen better days? When a wood deck is still new, it can be a functional and beautiful addition to your home, providing the perfect space for outdoor entertainment and recreation. After a few years, however, the everyday damage from sun and rain can significantly alter your deck’s appearance, leaving it gray, cracked, and weathered. Fortunately, these cosmetic problems are easy to handle, and you can can revive your deck in no time. Handyman Connection® of Chicago Central explains how:


Remove the Old Stain

Before reviving your deck area, you’ll need to first scrape off its old stain. After all, you don’t want it later showing underneath your new stain. Simply use a deck stripper to carefully scrape the old residue off the surface of your deck, and do the same to your railing when done. Be careful not to scrape too hard as you might end up damaging the wood underneath. Just exert enough pressure to remove the old finish.

Apply the Stripper

Next, you’ll have to apply the stripper on your railings. Before doing so, however, make sure to move any plants near the deck as this chemical can negatively affect the soil and greenery. If you can’t move them, just cover them securely instead. When done, take a regular brush, and apply the stripper on the deck’s railing. Make sure you have an even coat by applying the stripper in 6 foot sections at a time. Then, scour the railing to loosen any leftover finish, and blast it with water for a thorough clean.

Scrub the Entire Deck

Scrub your deck with warm soapy water to make sure it’s completely clean. Having an even surface free from any dust and debris is important for professional-looking results. Once done, rinse the entire area with a warm spray of water and let dry.

Apply a Stain and Finish

It’s finally time to apply the new stain. Work efficiently by starting with the easiest area first, your railings, and work your way to the entire deck. Just like the stripper, apply the stain in 6 foot sections to ensure an even finish. Afterward, smoothly apply the decking sealer on your deck with a roller. Switch to a smaller brush if your deck doesn’t feature spaced floorboards. Don’t have time free time for a DIY project? Turn to Handyman Connection of Chicago Central for quality services. Contact us at (312) 265-3886 to request a free estimate.

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