4 Kids’ Bedroom Ideas You Should Definitely Try Out

Your kids’ bedrooms should always reflect their personality, and should be a place for creativity and relaxation. So if you’re planning to remodel your tiny tot’s dwelling, you need to make sure it reflects their interests. Handyman Connection of Chicago Central lists four kids’ bedroom design ideas you should try out.

Kids’ Bedroom

  1. Toy-Themed Bedroom and Display

If your kids love displaying their toys, then you should make their room more accommodating to their collection. A simple and clutter-free way to do this is to install a wall-shelf over your kids’ bed backboard. We recommend you make it flush to the wall to save on space and to ensure that the backboard stays flush to the wall.

  1. Beach-Themed Dwellings

A beach-themed kids’ bedroom never goes out of style as not only does it look cool, but it’s also one of the more spacious room designs you can pick. As a general rule, your main color schemes should be white, light to deep shades of blue, and wood accents. Your choice of decor should also reflect the room design, so if you’re planning to add a chair in the room, we suggest you go with a wooden lounge chair.

  1. A Multifunctional Teen Pad

For older children, there’s less focus on aesthetics and more on functionality. So if your kid is entering middle school and beyond, you’ll want to add a small study area in their room. Minimalist colors and design are key here since you wouldn’t want the room to be too distracting. Wall shelves are ideal, along with industrial-style lamps and fittings.

  1. Pastel-Colored Rooms

Pastel color schemes for your little princess’ bedroom never go out of style, and compared to the other “girly” designs, they’re a bit subtle and not that loud. Keep in mind that the main wall color scheme should be neutral pastel colors. If you want to add a touch of loud colors, keep them restricted to things like bed covers and carpets. It’s subtle but adds enough depth and character to your kid’s room.

Handyman Connection of Chicago Central will help you pick an attractive design for your kids’ bedroom. Fill out our form or give us a call at (312) 265-3886 for more information on our services.


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